Claudio Cavicchi CC Ampliar

Claudio Cavicchi CC

1.OUTSIDE DIAMETER: 40 mm - 1.57 in
2.BOWL HEIGHT: 58 mm - 2.28 in
3.LENGTH: 148 mm - 5.83 in
4.CHAMBER DIAMETER: 20 mm - 0.79 in
5.CHAMBER DEPTH: 51 mm - 2.01 in
WEIGHT: 58 gr - 2.05 oz

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178600 / TT

Claudio Cavicchi


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Claudio Cavicchi, practicing farmer, began in 1974 making pipes for his personal use and for some special friends. Since 1985 he has represented in the Italian trade, since the early 90s, pipe making is his main business. In some steps of his production he is supported by his beloved wife.

The quality of personally selected materials, plateau-briar from Calabria and Liguria, as well as homemade acrylic mouthpieces, are well known and inspire the knowledge of the international pipe scene. Classic shapes and a greater filling volume are also a hallmark of its products, such as exceptionally beautiful and elegant wood grain finish.

Cavicchis passion for pipes is the basis of his dedication to craft the highest form of art. His wife, Daniela, which he is on his enterprises not only a support, sometimes puts the finishing work or for certain steps, such as the rustification or polishing of the mouthpieces, even hand. Any pipe that leaves Cavicchis workshop is handmade and convinces with its perfect quality!

  • Tamaño GRANDE
  • Color NATURAL
  • Acabados Lisa Fiammata
  • Anillo No
  • Boquilla Acrilico
  • Curvatura Semicurva 1/8
  • Estado Perfecto 10/10
  • Mantenimiento y Estado de conservación. Restaurado

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Claudio Cavicchi CC

Claudio Cavicchi CC

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