Molina Pipes Ebony Bent Apple Ampliar

Molina Pipes Ebony Bent Apple

1.OUTSIDE DIAMETER: 45 mm - 1.77 in
2.BOWL HEIGHT: 41 mm - 1.61 in
3.LENGTH: 149 mm - 5.87 in
4.CHAMBER DIAMETER: 19 mm - 0.75 in
5.CHAMBER DEPTH: 31 mm - 1.22 in
WEIGHT: 53 gr - 1.87 oz




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Molina pipes has it's origins in Barasso in Lombardy. It was born from what was left of the once glorious Rossi pipes, an old trade name of an ancient and unquestionably famous international pipe company in the early 1900s.
Molina still lies in part on the antique Rossi factory,a percular but not a casual circumstance. it represents an excellent example of industrial archeology. its working  environment is enriched with the modernised charm of the past.
Molina's enheritance from Rossi pipes does not only consist of the factory but also of ancient machinery and methods of production, antique ''secretes'', antique recepts and production proceedures used over 100 years ago.
The name molina has even a longer history, it is upto today used to refer to a district where you could find mills powered by a rush of water.

Molina has an astonishing knowledge of pipes, a true philosophy of style, very unique in its existance.

''Antique secretes" meshed with the meticulous care used during the fabrication , the meticulous research of new production methods,which use innovative informatic tecnologies,and  the great creativity lead to the realisation of masterpieces for smoking and for collection.
Molina pipes are Glamorous pieces  and are defined by illustrious experts as true 'cult' in the pipe industry.
Although La Molina is based on the past, it is well projected towards the future engaging itself in serious research and innovations, hence we can say it has a never ending history. It has continuously modified and transformed itself,producing unique pieces which are well known on the world market. Pieces well known for their high quality – typical of all made in Italy 
Thus the La pipa Molina continues to live with its magical power which has resisted the frenetic races of our has continued to produce objects of daily use and pieces of perfect art which are not so easy to differentiate.

  • Tamaño MEDIANO
  • Color NEGRO
  • Acabados Lacada o Barnizada
  • Anillo Metal
  • Boquilla Ebonita
  • Encastre Normal
  • Curvatura Semicurva
  • Tipo de filtro 9mm

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Molina Pipes Ebony Bent Apple

Molina Pipes Ebony Bent Apple

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