Martin SCPC 04 Copa España XVIII Maximize

Martin SCPC 04 Copa España XVIII

1.OUTSIDE DIAMETER: 53 mm - 2.09 in
2.BOWL HEIGHT: 44 mm - 1.73 in
3.LENGTH: 150 mm - 5.91 in
4.CHAMBER DIAMETER: 20 mm - 0.79 in
5.CHAMBER DEPTH: 34 mm - 1.34 in
WEIGHT: 71 gr - 2.50 oz

Estate Pipe

223249 / JR


40,00 €

33,06 € VAT excl.


Rafael Martín Oltra was born in Valencia (Spain) on May 9, 1960. His father, originally a cabinetmaker, opened a tobacconist shop in the town of his birth, passing down to Rafa all his passion and devotion for the tobacco world. As a result of his father's influence, Rafa founded his own pipe-making workshop in the back room of their tobacconist shop, which is currently operated by the third generation of the Martín family.

Since the end of the 19th Century, the pipe-making industry, particularly relating to briar pipes, has undergone constant evolution in terms of shapes, finishing, brands and artisans.

The philosophy that inspires Martín Pipes is to offer exceptional pipes providing long and pleasant smokes, thereby satisfying both the most discerning smoker and the highly specialized collector.

Rafa Martín carefully selects the best briar from several Mediterranean regions, paying special attention to the quality of raw materials. He is devoted to producing freehand pipes, avoiding any traditional shapes that he reserves for machine-made pipes.

The shapes emerge directly from the briar plateau, with skillful interpretation of the grain pattern suggesting the final result. He never uses any kind of filler, preferring to maintain the wood in its natural condition. The result varies from spectacular straight grains to rusticates, culminating in totally handmade pieces in natural finish without any kind of stain.

The care and dedication that Rafa invests in every phase of the pipe-making process necessarily makes his annual production very limited

  • Size MEDIUM
  • Color NATURAL
  • Finishes Carved
  • Ring Wood
  • Mouthpiece Acrylic
  • Mount Normal
  • Curvature Straight
  • Tipo de filtro No
  • Condition Perfect 9/10
  • Maintenance & Conservation status Restored

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Martin SCPC 04 Copa España XVIII

Martin SCPC 04 Copa España XVIII

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