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J.Rubio Bamboo Dragons Scales SandBlasted

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J. Rubio


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Thank you very much for your interest in my pipes.

My name is Jose Rubio and I smoke and carve briar pipes. 

During the last thirty years, hundreds of pipes of many pipe producers pass through my workshop for repairing or for my own collection. This experience has allowed me to analyze many techniques and materials in my search of the perfect pipe. Probably, this is a quimera, but I’m always trying to achieve the maximum perfection in my evolution.

All my pipes are carved with first quality briar, having extraordinary and very satisfactory feedbacks from my customers. The sweetness and freshness of the smoke are highly celebrated. The mixture, the cut, the tobacco humidity, the different tobaccos types and the own way to smoke are variables that play an important role in this fascinating pipe world.

My mouthpieces are hand cut from first quality ebonite but I offer as an option, acrylic material by special order. After analyzing many pipes in the past, I found a very common issue regarding the thickness of many of them and also a very poor level of finishing in the edges, producing a very uncomfortable feeling at the mouth. An uncomfortable mouthpiece can ruin a fantastic briar bowl and a whole pipe.

I like to pay special attention to this essential part of a pipe. Shaping and polishing very carefully the edges and adapting the thickness to no more of 4-4,2 millimetres, which I consider is right for many pipe smokers, make my pipes very comfortable at the mouth.

All my pipes have a bowl with a V shaped interior. With this pattern, the tobacco burns much more uniform in a spiral move, avoiding unburned parts at the end. With this design, it is also much easier to maintain the pipe lighting. Many of the pipes I have seen at my workshop have U shaped bowl interiors, bringing a wet and uncompleted smoke.

All the rings in my pipes, including my logo, are made with sterling silver. I don’t want to save in materials and for that reason; I’m trying to use always the best possible quality of them. 

I like to try any type of pipe shapes and design either classic or more artistic ones.

Nevertheless, my specialty and the one that make me happy is the deep sandblasted finish. After several years of investigation, many tests and a big investment, I have achieve a really deep and attractive sandblasted finish, using only a sand blast without any other kind of tool. Sandblasting my pipes makes the bowls a 25% percent lighters improving dramatically the refrigeration of the bowl by increasing almost a 100% the exterior surface of the pipe. This last improvement plays an important role in the search of the pipe smoker Holy Grail: a fresh and cool smoke.

Almost all my sandblasted bowls have the so called “Ring Grain”. This is achieved only by sandblasting straight grain bowls. If someone think that my bowls are sandblasted in order to fade any kind of imperfection, he is wrong. All my bowls are coming from the most perfect briar pieces I can find, without any defects and perfectly suited for any smooth finish. 

My sandblasting process goes through five different stages, combining pressure and sand grain sizes in every one of them. From 12 to 15 hours exclusively, depending of the bowl size, are necessary for the sand blasting process of a single bowl. A much bigger time that the one used for a smooth finish.

I hope that you will enjoy smoking my pipes and by doing that, from sure you will be able to feel and appreciate the effort behind every one. 

Sweet and cool smokes for many years.

José Rubio.

  • Size LARGE
  • Color BLACK
  • Finishes SandBlasted Ring Grain
  • Ring acrylic
  • Mouthpiece Acrylic
  • Curvature Straight
  • Tipo de filtro No
  • Condition Perfect 10/10
  • Maintenance & Conservation status Restored

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J.Rubio Bamboo Dragons Scales SandBlasted

J.Rubio Bamboo Dragons Scales SandBlasted

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