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Estate Pipe


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Most Aldo Velani pipes are made in Livorno, Italy by Cesare Barontini. The name "Aldo Velani" is actually fictional.

Cesare Barontini, who was in charge of the Barontini company since 1955.

Started to produce machine-made series pipes of the lower to the middle price categories. Fatly 80% of the pipes went to foreign countries, the bulk being produced for various private label brands. Some of the own lines

Sub-brands & Seconds:

  • Aldo Velani
  • Cesare
  • L'artigiana
  • Stuart
  • Cortina
  • Size LARGE
  • Color BLACK
  • Finishes Carved
  • Ring Metal
  • Mouthpiece Acrylic
  • Mount Normal
  • Curvature Half Bent
  • Tipo de filtro No
  • Condition Perfect 10/10
  • Maintenance & Conservation status Restored

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Cesare Barontini

Cesare Barontini

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