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Croci Amica

1.OUTSIDE DIAMETER: 48 mm - 1.89 in
2.BOWL HEIGHT: 45 mm - 1.77 in
3.LENGTH: 148 mm - 5.83 in
4.CHAMBER DIAMETER: 21 mm - 0.83 in
5.CHAMBER DEPTH: 36 mm - 1.42 in
WEIGHT: 54 gr - 1.90 oz

Estate Pipe



65,00 €

53,72 € VAT excl.


Splendid pipe carved by the prestigious Italian brand Croci. From classic design, well balanced and Straight Grian vein. Well-preserved, Top obscured by the effect of ignition.

Pipa Croci pipes are created by Paolo & Gianni Croci from Mantova, Lombardia. The company was founded in 1983 and on each pipe you will find the nomenclature reads "dal 1983". Each and every pipe is hand crafted from aged Italian Plateau Briar. This is a company that makes no two pipes alike and they truly create some masterpieces. In their own words:
"The Pipa Croci is an artisan enterprise. The pipes which are born from our hands are all differnt from each other. This means that the owner of a Croci pipe possesses something totally unique

  • Size MEDIUM
  • Color NATURAL
  • Finishes Straigth Grain
  • Ring No
  • Mouthpiece Acrylic
  • Mount Normal
  • Curvature Half Bent
  • Condition Perfect 10/10
  • Maintenance & Conservation status Restored

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Croci Amica

Croci Amica

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