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Volpe Morta Pot

1.OUTSIDE DIAMETER: 36 mm - 1.42 in
2.BOWL HEIGHT: 38 mm - 1.50 in
3.LENGTH: 120 mm - 4.72 in
4.CHAMBER DIAMETER: 18 mm - 0.71 in
5.CHAMBER DEPTH: 30 mm - 1.18 in
WEIGHT: 29 gr - 1.02 oz




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Whenever we talk about Italian craftsmanship pipe shapes, two great schools or movements come to mind, South and North, also called Pesaro. Both with identifying characteristics and homogenizing air in their concepts and principles. Obviously not all artisans of Southern Italy or North, respectively, can be tagged as belonging to these schools, but still, it is a simple and fairly accurate to explain the foundations of the modern artisan pipe in Italy, even concepts applicable today as their main players are active and presently making sure the reputation that precedes them is carry on

In recent years many Italian artisans without giving up the Italian pipe tradition have incorporated as reference the work of artisans Danes, Germans and the British classical school, taking a fresh look at contemporary Italian pipe have emerged. Carlo Volpe is a clear example of the latter.

Carlo's passion for working with wood comes from his childhood which never outgrew. Upon 18 he bought his first pipe and he became interested in slow smoked contests, it was only a matter of time his hobbies converge.

Carlo Volpe has been making pipes professionally since December 2013. His pipes are based on the classic English style but with a fresh look and a flow of typical forms of the Danish school. A merger of schools that result in a harmonious work, a strong, well studied architecture and a high level of finish.

Carlos work is far away from exotic and elaborated ferrules or metal rings, Carlo listens to the briar and carefully molds forms masterfully. Clean and well defined lines make their shapes perfectly.

In the coming years we will hear a lot of his work with pipes. Today we are fortunate to have in Sybaritepipe some exclusively for our customers.


  • Size MEDIUM
  • Color BLACK
  • Ring acrylic
  • Mouthpiece Cumberland
  • Mount Army Mount
  • Curvature Straight
  • Tipo de filtro No

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Volpe Morta Pot

Volpe Morta Pot

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