Restored Estate Pipe

The restoration of a pipe entails processes that recover its aesthetic image and its practical functionality. For this the restorer must eliminate the external signs of use, recover the internal architecture and eliminate the flavors and odors that have impregnated it. But we must not lose sight of a pipe, in addition to its smoking function and its style and beauty is an object intended for the consumption of products by people. The restoration of a pipe must fulfill three fundamental functions; It should be pretty like when it was new, it should be functional like when it was new but it should also be safe like when it was new. We must make sure that our restocked pipes are not only cleanly clean but close to clinical sterilization. For this we have been inspired by the chemical processes used in the potabilization of water for human consumption and in the technology and mechanical processes used in the sterilization of surgical material to ensure that our restored pipes are beautiful, useful and safe as when they were new.

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